Everybody that knows me, knows that I love Disney World.

It started back in '92 when my parents took us three girls to Disney World. I instantly loved everything about it... well except the part where my parents wouldn't let me ride Splash Mountain. :(

So of course, in 2007, I took my three girls to Disney. We had a split stay between a condo in Madeira Beach and the All Stars Music Disney Resort. The girls were young (two under three) so we planned one very long (and exhausting) day at Magic Kingdom.

At the end of the day, my life was never going to be the same... I knew I had to have another Disney vacation and the sooner the better. Well finances never did allow me to plan that second trip. Lots of things changed, we moved, and I met my husband, Jeff.

So I started doing a little honeymoon research and guess what I found... yup, Disney World. I remembered a few years back how I thought it was so weird that a guy I knew was going to Disney World on his honeymoon. I thought, isn't Disney for kids?? (What was I thinking, lol) And of course, my wonderful husband (then fiancé, obviously) agreed to my Disney Honeymoon fantasy.

Well we took that trip this past September... and you guessed it... every minute since, I have been dreaming of our next trip, this time with the three girls. They are ages 4, 5, & 7 now, so it will cost a little more. Plus I have stars in my eyes and want to eat at Cinderella's castle. What better way that to make it seem like it’s all planned for them?? :) I want them to have the best trip and get to do all the things I wish I would have been able to do when I was little. Are we thinking Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? Hehe.

I don't know if we can financially pull out all the stops, but I have been working on it. One thing I have done is join Sunshine Rewards. This is a wonderful site, made up of (mostly) Disney lovers who take surveys, read emails, get paid clicks, tons of offers, cash back on shopping, and contest. The best part is that you can cash out at $20 increments for Disney Gift Cards (plus PayPal, Wal-Mart Gift Cards, Restaurant Gift Cards, etc.)

I have been really excited about them and have managed to save up $69 in two months. I have a goal of $400 before September.

Another thing I have been doing is purchasing items at Disney Store (through Sunshine Rewards and get 4% cash back). I have ordered princess costumes (to soften the BBB bill times three girls) down to pajamas to wear at Disney.

I have even worked on making them customized Autograph book through Kodak Gallery (Click here to get your $15 gift - limited time) and just paying $2 shipping!

Oh and one of the best things, I plan to book my Disney package through Mouse Unlimited. They are an affiliate with Sunshine Rewards ... which will net me 1% cash back on my package. Where can you get a deal like that?

Overall, I am really excited about our Disney vacation. I have 10 months to go, but boy does time fly when you are saving money the Sunshine way :)

PS - If you sign up for Sunshine Rewards through my link, you will get a $2 bonus and once you reach the $5 threshold, I will receive a $2 referral credit :)


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