Do you have an Alice?

Busy moms are often looking for ways to save time and money. Most of the time you have to choose one or the other. "I can save money by clipping coupons… or I can save time by heading to the store…"
What if I found a small solution to saving time and money? Every so often an opportunity jumps out that is a small solution to our time and money situations.

Do you remember Alice, from the Brady Bunch? Well how would you like to have an Alice? You can with a relatively new shopping site called, which carries numerous household and cleaning products. Name brand items that you probably already trust and use on a daily basis. The prices are comparable to big box stores like Sam’s Club and Costco, and FREE shipping!

In addition to the already low prices, offers clipless coupons that can net you some very low prices.

How Do I Use

The first thing to do is sign up here. This is totally free and only takes a couple of minutes.

Once you are logged in you can begin your shopping list. The first time you make a list, it will take a bit longer because you will be scheduling how often you want to purchase each item (don’t worry, they only send reminders, not actual shipments).

While you are shopping, will find and apply coupons automatically to your order. The list will show how much the item costs and then the amount of the coupon next to it.

Checking out is easy. takes major credit cards. Once you fill in your shipping and billing information the site saves it for future use. After your first order, you must order a minimum of six items but the shipping is always free. You can plan on receiving your order in one to four business days.

What Kind of Brands are Available?

There are hundreds of national brand available on Some of them are:

Lipton Tea
General Mills
and More

Why Haven’t I Signed Up Sooner?

I had signed up for back in June, during its Beta period, but never did anything with it. They were just starting out and I figured there was no way a website would cost me less money than going out to the stores with coupons in hand.
That’s where I was wrong. My interest in was renewed when I found that Swag Bucks was offering $5 giftcards for only 20 Swag Bucks.
I started looking through the site again and learned that there were a lot of items I could get for cheaper than store prices, plus they had their own coupons! And rather than taking the time to buy these things at the store, I can have them delivered easily, promptly, and inexpensively.

In conclusion, I find to be an up and coming website that I will be sure to use for my household needs. The sign up process is simple, applies coupons and free shipping, and has the name brand products I love. The only question left is, Do You Have an Alice?


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