Friendships Should Be Rewarding

Do you like to be rewarded for being a good friend?  Well one of my favorite restaurants is Cracker Barrel and they have decided to start rewarding their customers, with Front Porch Friends.

Front Porch Friends is like any other rewards program, the more you eat and shop at Cracker Barrel, the more rewards you get back.

Friendships Should Be Rewarding

I have just signed up today, but the site says there are four ways to earn more rewards.

1. Just for signing up, you will receive a $5 off your next $20 or more Cracker Barrel purchase,

2. Seasonally (every three months) you can receive an extra reward by visiting any Cracker Barrel location four or more times OR spending $100.

3. You can earn a second reward each season if you visit more than 10 times in a month. (Wow! - I like Cracker Barrel, but would be burnt out after that, lol)

4. Every so often they will send special offers, sneak peaks, and share stories.

What are these rewards? you might be asking...

It looks like Cracker Barrel will be picking out three gifts per season and they may include cracker Barrel's signature coffee, country dinner plate, country music CD's, Yankee Candles, and more.

You may get more information here.


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