Save the World, One Click at a Time!

In a time of Holiday giving, I came across this website. I have seen websites similar to this, but this one really has caught my eye. 100% of the money made from the advertisements go to the charities listed.

This is how the site works:

First, you select which great cause you would like to help contribute to. Click to help fight cancer, stop child abuse, end animal cruelty, feed the poor, or shelter the homeless.

Then, click on the 'Click to Give' button that is located on each of the charities.

Third, a click is then registered into their system. Every dollar made by the advertising shown on the Thank You' page, is sent directly from the advertising network itself to the listed charity.

It's simple, easy, and REALLY helps! After all, who thought you could help out so much, and it's really as simple as a click!

I hope you make the chance to stop by there and offer your click and support!

If you can't remember to come back daily, you can sign up for an email reminder.


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