The Green Cleaning Coach

Do you often feel the Holiday stress? I'm not talking about getting the gifts wrapped or the turkey in the oven. How about the "company is coming and I need to get this house cleaned!"? That's when I get the most stress.

I came across a neat blog called, "The Green Cleaning Coach" and she has came up with a great idea... 20 Day Clean-up to Thanksgiving.

Her blog says, "You will get a daily plan to get and keep your home clean for the big family day- with days set aside for shopping and even one day to relax! Sound like a plan! That's the secret - having a plan and sticking to it. So join us every day until Thanksgiving and your home will be clean for guests and you will be stress free and ready for your family and the next holiday celebration!"

Day 17 - The Small Appliances - they all need a good scrub. Your going to have people in your kitchen trying to help you, so let's make it look like everything is always really clean.

Day 18 - The Microwave - here's a green trick. So one of your guests is nice enough to bring a side dish for dinner, but they need to warm it up in your microwave.

Day 19 - The Refrigerator - Let's green clean out that box. You want to empty out your refrigerator so we can make room for everything we will need for the big day.

Day 20 - The Guest Bathroom - Let's get that bathroom that the guests will be using clean now- and then we can keep it clean with a wipe of a blue microfiber cloth and a quick vacuum!

These are the short versions of the daily jobs. Follow her blog at The Green Cleaning Coach to get the entire post and learn how to maintain your clean home for Thanksgiving.

Don't forget to check out her store for Green Cleaning supplies to go along with her ideas.


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