Plan your weekly menus and save money and time!

Oh wow... I just found the coolest site! Being a full time working mom, I often get the "what to make for dinner" problem. Well... I remember having this problem even when I wasn't a mom.

Anyway, I stumbled across this really cool website that basically calculates a weeks worth of dinners and even a grocery list. What is really great and set this program aside from any others I have seen, is that you log on to Relish! and then customize your weekly dinner menus to your own tastes. You can even choose the Express Menu and download their picks for the week or choose what you would prefer from our Custom Menu.

Think your family might be too picky of eaters? They actually offer a selection of vegetarian, kid-friendly, quick, low calorie and simple-gourmet menus. Then all you do is choose the five you’d like to prepare during the week and your recipes/side dishes and grocery list will be assembled for you!

Seriously how wonderful is that? By planning ahead, you are saving time and money.

The subscription to Relish! is only $7 a month, which considering how much time you save and fast food you aren't feeding your family... I find it very worth the money!

I hope you will check them out and at least give it a try.

Happy (and less stressful) shopping!


Leslie, The Cleaning Coach said...

Glad you like my idea- It really works! No stress in my house the day before the holiday's (okay- at least not cleaning related) You can email me anytime at We can also offer a discount or gift certificate to my downloadable book if your interested. The Joy of Green Cleaning. I'll get you a coupon to post with your blog. And feel free to link away!!

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